Temporary Autonomous Zones (T.A.Z.)*

Dear Viewer,

Maybe we've turned aside the normal role of the artist and have asked the viewer to shift from the passive spectator and made him or her the subject. We can't speak for everyone but everyone can speak and thus there's an unexpected and actual exchange between artist and viewer. It's definitely like Nosey Parker is asking the audience to create the subject of our work. We've constructed the environment, given you a suggestion and now we think you should supply the content. You, yes you... and before you get the nervous tickles may we remind you that our necks are on the line.

Our history of Nosey Parker has been that of a collaboration. Informed by various media and open to an evolving set of methodologies, we have sought to bring about the unexpected. With the "Temporary Autonomous Zones" project our concern encompasses all impromptu and/or rehearsed performances. "Performances" are defined within the general and specific employment of the term i.e. you can do whatever you want. We are cataloguing performances so we feel there is sufficient proctoring unless we find there are some exhibitionists among you. That, by the way, would be most unexpected.

Thank you,
Nosey Parker

*slightly abridged from original